Background and Discussion Papers: Introduction

This section contains two types of documents:

  • Discussion papers that are the main vehicle for consultation, and
  • Studies

The discussion papers explore the issues and opportunities that the panel will address. The papers are written to stimulate public discussion and involvement. They provide a summary of key topics that relate to the future of the waterway – natural environment, recreation, economy, cultural resources, water management, and governance.

Each paper describes current conditions along the waterway, identifies issues and opportunities, presents challenges, and offers some ideas for improvement and/or questions for consideration. These ideas are not formal proposals, but reflect ideas to spark public discussion about issues, opportunities, and possible paths to a sustainable waterway. The panel hopes that the public discussion will provoke a wide range of ideas in the public consultation process.

Several studies are being done that explore several topics where there is currently a lack of information. Some of these studies will augment topics covered in the discussion papers. The studies will be completed this summer during the public consultation period. The results will be posted on the panel website.