How to Use Canada Address Validation API

You may be wondering . There are a few different methods, and this article will cover the basics. The first method is ValidateCanadianAddressV2. This API is a simple way to validate the address and postcode provided by the user. It also returns the address and postcode in the proper case. This is useful for validation purposes when you are trying to send an e-mail to a Canadian address.


AccureZIP will validate individual records and return accurate addresses and secondary information. It is completely integrated into the AccureZIP6 Mailing Software. It also comes with complete documentation of REST API calls. For more information, please contact a product specialist. The AccureZIP Canada address validation API will provide you with the data you need to send accurate and professional mail. There is a small setup fee, but once you get your API key, you’ll be able to validate Canadian addresses and save money on your mailing expenses.

The Address Validation API returns a delivery status. It is asynchronous, so users will not have to wait for days or weeks to validate their lists. The Address Bulk Verification API allows users to upload up to 100K addresses and send notifications via HTTP, email, and taskid. It also supports the Address Auto-Complete API, which returns suggestions matching a free-form address. The AccureZIP Canada address validation API is available to all NCOALink subscribers.


When you’re sending out a mailer, address validation is important, because it helps to avoid a number of potential problems. Incorrect addresses lead to wasted materials and time, administration costs, and postal charges, and can even lead to bad reviews. Luckily, PostGrade’s address validation API helps you avoid these problems and gets millions of addresses mail-ready in no time. To learn how PostGrade address validation works, read on!

The API’s first step is to resolve and validate the address. Once an address matches known reference data, it is resolved. In countries without postal codes, a state code is sufficient. The API will attempt to normalize the input address by replacing common roadway identifiers or reordering the components. After all of the necessary fields have been validated, the address will be resolved. In addition to the resolved address, the API will also return the standardized address, which you can use to diagnose address problems.


The AccureMail Canada address validation API is a web-based application that validates addresses. It uses reference data to determine address classification. In most cases, this classification is determined independently of the validation process, based on operational feedback and commercial data sources. There are four possible classifications of addresses. The first is unknown, which applies to all addresses until the address validation business rules determine otherwise. A mixed classification applies to addresses that are composed of several tenants.

With AccureMail Verify, you can quickly validate the recipient’s address by entering the address information. This software will then use its internal address correction engine to identify the recipient’s residential or business address. You can also use the API to correct an incorrect address, such as the address being in a business address. The AccuMail address validation API can also correct misspelled street names and invalid Postal Codes.


There are a number of reasons to use an address validation API. For example, if you want to send a gift to someone in Canada, the address you use for delivery should be correct. If you want to validate an email address, the API will let you use case-sensitive data to determine whether or not it is a valid address. There are several different ways to use the ELEXA Canada address validation API, including creating an account, logging in, and sending and receiving mail.

The Address Validation API will resolve addresses by comparing them to known reference data. When an address is invalid, the API will return an address with an error code. This error code is seven digits long and starts with 10. You can find a list of all address validation error codes in the Error Codes section of the API. In many cases, a valid address isn’t found at all.