Panel Process

Panel Process and Consultations

The federal minister of the Environment has appointed a six-member panel, including a Chair, to conduct the review. The panel will be independent and report directly to the minister.

The panel will consult on the future mandate and expectations for management of the waterway.

The panel will consider the results of the consultations and the results of supporting studies to generate analysis and recommendations to be considered by the minister.

A small, full-time secretariat has been established to support the panel’s work and provide project and contract management.

The review process will generally be:

  • The minister has appointed the panel.
  • The panel will review background documents.
  • A number of supporting studies will be submitted to the panel and posted on the review website.
  • An invitation to participate will be mailed to a number of key stakeholder organizations and to the various levels of governments.
  • The public will be notified of the deadline for submissions through the website and newspaper ads.
  • Discussion papers on the key issues will be posted on the website for public review.
  • A number of public meetings will be held in the summer and early fall.
  • Consultation feedback will be reviewed and assessed.
  • Panel recommendations will be submitted to the minister by December 2007.